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Surviving Technology
Living As If Earth Is Our Home And People Are Our Family

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For the first time in recorded human history, the fate of our entire species rests upon the choices of a single generation.

In the last 100 years, we have coaxed from nature the timeless secrets of matter, conception, life and death. Our newfound understandings afford us a rare ability, unknown at any time in our past. Today, our advances of science and technology place at our fingertips the power to redesign our genetic code, customize our weather patterns and to create new forms of matter and life - powers historically left to God and nature. In the presence of such miraculous technologies, with knowledge that holds such promise, children are still orphaned, and families destroyed from preventable disease, malnutrition and viral epidemics that sweep, unchallenged, through their homelands. With the most sophisticated instruments of peace, available to the largest populations ever recorded, we still find ourselves witness to the horrors of way, induced famine and senseless acts of hate.

Before his death in 1996, Carl Sagan identified our time in history as a period of "Technological Adolescence" - a time defined by the acquisition of creation-altering technology, while the maturity to use such technologies is still developing. Our future now hinges upon our ability to use our newfound abilities.

The Challenge: surviving our technological adolescence.

The key to reaping the benefit of our discoveries is that we must survive the learning process! Perhaps it is precisely the presence of such power that now compels us to recognize that we are a part of all we see, and the expression of something even greater.

At the birth of the 21st Century, the same science that has unlocked creationís innermost secrets must now solve the greatest mystery of all: we must discover the single principle that will allow us to survive the most advanced technologies in recorded history.

In the oldest and most cherished traditions of our past, we are invited to honor the immutable principle of life, in all that we create and all that we do. Ironically, we may discover that our willingness to marry this ancient principle with the science of our future, may yield nothing less than the greatest spoch of peace yet known to our kind, and the keys to our very survival.

Prayer: An "Inner Technology"

Perhaps now, more than at any time in our history, the choices that we make in our lives have lasting effects, and global consequences, that will extend for hundreds of generations into our future. In light of the escalating global tensions, recent studies offer new hope, and renewed credibility to our most cherished traditions, suggesting that we may "do something" about the seemingly unending cycles of violence, and future of our world.

Statistics have shown that a specific number of people, joined in a focused, unified consciousness of non-denominational mass prayer, produce effects that extend well beyond the room or building where the prayer has occurred.

That number is the square root of 1% of the population involved. These studies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that focusing our feelings of appreciation and gratitude, as if our prayers have already been answered, have a measurable effect on the quality of life during the time of the prayer.

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The Science of Heart-Based Prayer
Praying from the Heart

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Following our description of the "lost" mode of prayer in our last book, The Isaiah Effect, your emails and phone calls have asked for clarification as to precisely how to apply this prayer in our lives. Clearly there are no "right" or "Wrong" ways to pray. In its simplest expression, prayer is the very personal and innate ability within each of us to commune with our world, one another and a greater presence. The "lost" mode of prayer is a method of prayer that is not accounted for in Western models of prayer, yet described in a 2,200-year-old text. In short, it is simply one more tool to place into our prayer toolbox.

Lost Mode of Prayer Described:

The "lost" mode of prayer is a form of prayer thata hs no words, no outward expression, and is based simply in feeling. Specifically, this mode of prayer invites us to feel the appreciation and gratitude in our hearts, as if our prayers have already been answered, even if the world appears to show us otherwise.

This is where clarity is important.

As quantum evidence suggests that our world and our bodies mirror what we think/feel, we must be very clear tat our prayers originate from our hearts, rather than in our heads.

Here is the reason why:

The logic of our brain works in polarity - left brain/right brain, light/dark, good/bad, right/wrong, etc. Praying "for" something creates a strong feeling - a charge - of what "should" or "should not" be. The physics of our world require that when something is created with a charge in one polarity, the opposite must be created as well, to balance the charge.

What it means: Head-based prayer:

When we pray "for" something, we are using a mental process of logic! While thought-based prayers "for" peace, for example, may be well-intentioned, to balance the polarity of peace that they create, they may inadvertently produce the opposite (polarity) of peace in another place, at another time!

Heart-based prayer:

Our hearts, on the other hand, have no polarity. In the Native traditions, there is even a word that describes the non-polar objectiveness of the heart, the heart that sees what "is" rather than judges what should be. The word is Shante Ishta (the single eye of the heart). When we choose peace or healing by feeling it from our heart, there is no polarity created to balance our choice, as there is no "left" and "right" heart.

From our heart, the feeling is the prayer! Studies have shown that this quality of gratitude and appreciation for the peace that already exists creates a "field effect" - in the presence of peace, all that can happen is peace.


To be very clear, this form of prayer is NOT directed at a place, person, organization, country, city or event. This mode of prayer does NOT attempt to "make" something happen, somewhere where we may not agree with what life is showing us. Rather than praying for someone to "win"/"lose", "suffer" or "heal," we have the opportunity to "feel" the appreciation and gratitude for the peace and healing that already exists. The power of this kind of prayer transcends winners and losers - inviting us to elevate the conditions of our world to a new realm beyond win/loss. In doing so, we open the door of a very subtle, yet powerful principle that allows for the possibility of peace/healing to be present without imposing our will to make it so.

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Courses, Schedules and Products

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Living in the Mind Of God
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Three groundbreaking experiments by leading research institutions in the 1990s unveiled dramatic evidence of a newly-recognized form of evergy-a matrix-linking each member of our global family, creation and the events of our lives in surprising and empowering ways.

Our ability to recognize this relationship may provide the keys to our survival as a species, while leading us into the greatest epoch of peace, cooperation and wisdom yet known to humankind!

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Power, Wisdom, Passion and Technology:
Living As if Earth is Our Home and People Are Our Family

In January of 1999, the WorldWatch Institute released studies stating "The bright promise of a new century is clouded by unprecedented threats to the stability of the natural world." Now the same science that has unlocked the secrets of nature must solve the greatest mystery of all: How do we survive the technology of our future?

We may discover that the key is the "inner" technology hidden within our bodies, described in centuries-old manuscripts, revealing quantum principles confirmed in the late 20th Century!

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To honor those who have taken the time to correspond and to better serve those who may benefit from the questions of others, a series of new features is being added to our web site. The changes that you will see over the next few months include:

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