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The Wisdom of Heaven,
The Science of Man

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The oldest traditions of humankind describe a time when the "wisdom of the heavens" was given to the people of this world. Contained in this ancient, yet sophisticated, wisdom were the answers to the great questions of our time - Who are we? What are our origins? Why do we hurt and suffer in a world of such love and beauty?

At least twice in recorded history, the lineage of wisdom that links our modern world with ancient knowledge, and answers such questions, has been broken rendering our scientific worldview incomplete, at best. Recent discoveries now reveal the source of discrepancies, and the long-sought bridge between science and ancient spiritual traditions, setting the tone for a new physics in the 21st century, and a unified view of humanity and creation.

Genesis Scroll

Discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls, this is the oldest record of the first book of the Hebrew and Christian Biblical texts.

Photo: John Trevor




A Newly Discovered Form of Energy: The Evidence

Three groundbreaking experiments in the late 1990's unveil dramatic and undeniable evidence of a newly discovered form of energy, a matrix, linking each member of our global family, creation, and the events of our lives in unexpected and empowering ways. Relegated to technical journals, and receiving little attention from mainstream media, these experiments, reported by leading research institutions of our day, shake the foundation of our predominant worldview, scientifically documenting that:

  1. We communicate with our world through a previously unrecognized form of energy that operates beyond the bounds of time and space.
  2. Our DNA directly influences our physical world through this form of energy.
  3. We influence our physical DNA through a non-physical, non-local form of energy that is directly linked to human emotion.

These discoveries may provide the elusive "missing link', unifying science and religion, while setting the course for a new physics in the twenty-first century.

A growing body of evidence suggests that the events of our visible world, the failed relationships, broken agreements, disease and conflict of our past, as well as the joy, peace and healing of the present, stem from relationships that begin with this "Matrix" of all matter. Through the non-local* energy associated with human emotion, and broadcast through human DNA, we create conditions in the realms where such events originate. Physicists suspect that it is in the higher dimensions of new creation theories, the quantum "heavens" referred to in ancient traditions, that the four known forces of nature merge into a newly recognized force, the elusive unified field, that weaves its way into each moment of our lives. Inviting us one step further, ancient scholars describe how we may marry this unified field, now linked to human emotion, into the blueprints of peace, cooperation and healing relationships that become the reality of our future.

Lost Wisdom

The loss of such an important understanding is now attributed to the two interruptions in the knowledge chain, and the loss of over 530,000 documents, that have historically linked our modern world to ancient wisdom.

From such unlikely sources as these timeworn manuscripts, ancient scholars suggest that our everyday world is the mirror of events playing out beyond our perception. In the words of their day, they left precise instructions to such realms. It is this inner technology that allows us to create blueprints of the peace, cooperation and healing relationships that become the reality of our world.

Quantum science supports such possibilities, suggesting that it is in the ten dimensions of the String and Super String Theories, realms now linked to human emotion, that the forces of nature are unified into a single, directive power. Perhaps it is in the higher dimensions of the heavens that science and spirit are unified as well, bringing lasting healing to our bodies, peace to our world and the answers to answer the oldest questions of our existence.

Photo: Melissa E. Sherman

*non-local energy-a newly recognized form of energy that already exists, everywhere, all of the time.

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Matter Appears to be "Linked",
Even at a Distance

The idea of all matter being related through a form of energy that has always existed, is always present, and links each minute particle of creation through what many indigenous peoples refer to as the "web" of creation is gaining renewed credibility in light of recent experiments. The following excerpt is taken from a summary that appeared in the New York Times on July 22, 2001*. The report describes two particles of light, "photons" , appearing to be energetically linked, though they are physically separated. When one photon undergoes a change, that change is mirrored in the second photon seven miles away!

"Nicolas Gisin et al (University of Geneva, CH) reported that a pair of twin photons split and sent along two diverging paths, when arriving at terminatls seven miles apart, exhibit the phenomenon of quantum "entanglement". The gist of it is that the detection of one of the photons effectively causes the collapse of the spectrum of its wave-function solutions to a single solution, and this collapse instantaneously causes the collapse of the possible quantum states of the other photon, in this case seven miles away."

*Many thanks to Lee Carrol for bringing this research to my attention.

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The Shroud of Turin:
Update on the Carbon Dating

Was the 1988 Dating of the Shroud
"Skewed" Due to 16th Century Patches?
excerpt of article by M. Sue Benford, Ph.D.
reprinted with permission

In the November 1988 issue of Scientific American a heading read, "The Shroud of Turin: New findings confirm old ones: it is a 14th-century fake." The article proceeds to report the Carbon-14 findings from three prestigious Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Labs that independently obtained dates of the most widely studied linen cloth in history, which ranged between 1260 - 1390 AD. At the time, it appeared that the jury was in and the final verdict on the age of the Shroud was cast. Or was it? After all, three of the world's most renowned AMS Labs could not all be mistaken. Or could they?

For thirteen long years, Shroud supporters and religious protagonists have scrambled to both demean the Carbon-14 test results and undermine the credibility and integrity of the laboratories. Regardless of countless hours of scientific investigation and impassioned pursuit, no one has presented compelling enough evidence that both camps could agree upon. That is until now.

As in life itself, the truth of a matter is not always easily discerned. On August 28, 2000, at the Worldwide Congress "Sindone 2000" in Orvieto, Italy, long-time Shroud researcher and former Benedictine Monk and Catholic Priest, Joseph G. Marino, and his partner, M. Sue Benford, Ph.D., R.N., presented a paper entitled, "Evidence for the Skewing of the C-14 Dating of the Shroud of Turin Due to Repairs." According to world-renowned Shroud historian and author, Ian Wilson, "By general agreement one of the star presentations at the Orvieto Congress was that by Joe Marino and Sue Benford . . .the hypothesis should certainly now be set on a par with the other more plausible explanations. . ." (British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter, Nov. 2000).* Although unremarkable as the title may appear at first glance, this historic paper reveals information that demonstrates a "patch" of material, from the 16th Century, was skillfully spliced into the 1st Century original Shroud cloth in the C-14 sample used by the laboratories for testing. According to calculations performed by AMS laboratory, Beta Analytic, the world's largest radiocarbon dating service, the observed proportion of medieval material in relationship to assumed 1st Century material, matches precisely with the findings of the AMS Labs in 1988.

Photographs of the uncut C-14 sample, and one of the sub samples, were blindly analyzed by a European-trained weaver who reported, "there is no question that there is different material on each side of the weave pattern. It is definitely a patch!" He explained that medieval European weavers would typically try to match the original cloth and then hand-stitch the new material into the old such that it was invisible to all but the trained observer.

But why do this? Considering the C-14 sample had been excised adjacent to a previously removed area of the cloth (5 ½" x 3 ½" in size), this restoration would have been required to maintain both integrity and aesthetic consistency of the revered woven artifact. However, the patch was not an identical match; thus, even untrained observers can readily see the disparities between the two materials in the C-14 sample. Two other textile labs corroborate the weaver's observations. Further undeniable support for this theory comes from the statistical analysis of the dates obtained by each of the three AMS Labs as they relate to the distance to the edge of the cloth. The angle revealed by "connecting the dots" matches exactly with the observable angle delineating the two disparate weave patterns in the C-14 sample.

The Marino/Benford theory has gained considerable headway with Dr. Tim Jull, who was involved in the 1988 C-14 testing at the University of Arizona. Jull, now the editor of the world-renowned journal, Radiocarbon, asked permission to send the Marino/Benford paper for peer-review with potential publication in early 2002. This scientific acknowledgment of a possible 1st Century date for the Shroud reignites the enigma about the cloth said to have covered the crucified Christ in the 1st Century.

Benford and Marino continue their research on the Shroud beyond their C-14 findings. The two have garnered a wealth of empirical evidence that explains and replicates the process involved in forming the spatially-encoded etheric image found on the cloth. Most dramatic is that their process involves only 1st Century "technology." Their work is currently under scientific scrutiny and the results will be reported in the next issue of the Translations newsletter.

M. Sue Benford, Ph.D., is a registered nurse, health care researcher and Executive Director of a non-profit biomedical organization in the State of Ohio. Benford is the reciepient of a recent grant from the Institute of Noetic Sciences(IONS) for her work in the identification of subtle energies responsible for alternative healing.

Joseph Marino, B.A., is a former Benedictine monk and Catholic Priest, as well as a long-time sindonologist (one who studies the Shroud of Turin). His pioneering work linking scientific findings to religious interpretations has been the subject of numerous papers and lectures for over 20 years.

Note: For additional publications and information on the research of M. Sue Benford and Joseph Marino please visit their web site:

This paper is a part of a collection of works and photographs, by the authors and is available for purchase through Source Books at their web site: or (615) 773-7692.

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Dear friend,

Welcome to the fall/winter edition of Translations, the newsletter of Sacred Spaces/Ancient Wisdom.

Please allow me this opportunity to say "thank you" for your patience during the renovation of our web-based information and media. To honor those who have taken the time to correspond, and to better serve those who may benefit from the questions of others, a series of new features is being added to our web site in the near future. The changes that you will see over the next few months include:

  • An on-line bulletin board allowing me to personally respond to frequently asked questions and those that fall into common themes
  • An improved events page that will highlight public interviews and upcoming media specials, in addition to the events and sacred journeys now listed
  • A"New Science and Technology" page on both our paper and electronic newsletters, highlighting specific technologies and discoveries that bring the worlds of science and spirituality closer

Additionally, I send my deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who supported our most recent offering, The Isaiah Effect, allowing the original hardback publication (Random House/ Crown April, 2000) to go into paperback release (Three Rivers Press July, 2001). The Isaiah Effect has also been featured as a New York Times bestseller paperback and in several book-of-the-month clubs, including New York-based One Spirit Book Club, and the Quality Paperback Review, July 2001. Additionally, the text is the focus of a series of media specials on lost wisdom.

As more research comes to light, the existence of a link between our "inner" and "outer" worlds becomes more likely--a link described with great precision in our most sacred texts. Thank you for creating the time to explore that link through our programs and this newsletter.

Gregg Braden
Taos, New Mexico
August, 2001


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