What Is The Time Code Calculator?

o   What Is The Time Code Calculator?

The Time Code Calculator is a user-friendly tool that gives us easy access to the patterns that unfold as nature’s cycles—the same patterns that govern much of the universe and life. It allows us to peer into the timeline of history in a way that mimics the vision of prophets and remote viewers in many respects.
      Just as such gifted seers can identify the events that are probable at a given time, the Time Code Calculator shows us when we can expect the conditions of the past to play out again as our present or our future. The reason the program works is because of the nature of cycles themselves. Because they are cycles, they repeat. And because cycles of history are made of space and time, when the time repeats, the conditions of the space that it carries also repeat.
      It’s important to emphasize that just as the future vision of a prophet or remote viewer is subject to change based upon what happens within the timeline, the Time Code Calculator cannot take into account the effect of consciousness and choice. It can only show us when the conditions of the past will appear again. The outcome depends on whether or not the conditions play out to completion. The choices that we make along the timeline of the cycle can create a new path and a new timeline with a new outcome. This is the beauty of knowing where we are in a cycle.
      What makes the Time Code Calculator so useful is that in addition to giving us a “heads up” so we know what to expect, it also shows us when our choices of change have the greatest potential of success. This is where the marriage of science and spirituality takes on a practical application that is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past.
      If we can use the science of cycles to find the times that are ripe for change, and if we can use the spiritual traditions of our past to trigger new, peaceful, and life-affirming outcomes of change, then we suddenly have a powerful new way to think of ourselves and our world. It’s all based upon cycles and possibilities, nature’s patterns that can be known and predicted.