Reviews and Endorsements

1) Brilliant, scholarly, visionary!, January 16, 2007
Gregg Braden in his newest and to date finest work, The Divine Matrix, has offered a concise, scholarly, scientific, and visionary perspective on who we are, our undeniable connection to everything,and most importantly our powerful role in our present lives and thus the future of our existence.

Braden’s extensive experience and background in the hard sciences, his research, and ability to work with experts in related fields gives this book the scholarly backbone and foundation we all can depend on.

I not only recommend The Divine Matrix , I find it to be essential to understanding our relationship to ourselves, each other and the world we live in.

Briliant, precise, and an offering of the highest integrity-as always!

Founder, Future of Health Worldwide

2) Gregg Braden’s THE DIVINE MATRIX is a CONSCIOUSNESS MASTERPIECE!, January 11, 2007
Reviewer: Barbara Rose, PhD , Editor, Higher Consciousness Magazine) Abridged version - for full review see The Divine Matrix on

WOW! Talk about a literary, spiritual and consciousness MASTERPIECE, that is what this book is - and I do NOT say this lightly! I LOVE everything this book represents, how it was written (in language anyone can understand) and with REAL DEPTH and WISDOM, THIS BOOK has made me a “fan” of Gregg Braden!

I can ONLY give my HIGHEST recommendation for this book, for how much it CAN transform your consciousness, which is HOW to transform your life. Gregg Braden deserves an award for this book. It’s entirely inspiring, filled with amazing insight, is an outstanding read, and one that I feel honored to even review!

I believe THE DIVINE MATRIX: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief - is one book that you will be giving yourself a MAJOR GIFT in reading. That’s exactly what this book is - a MAJOR GIFT to Humanity - and I sincerely mean this with all of my heart.

Deserves 1,000 Stars!

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. author of If God Was Like Man and If God Hears Me I Want an Answer!

3) The Title of the Book Says It All!, January 3, 2007
Reviewer: Matthew J. Schimpf (Niagara Falls, NY)

The author does a phenomenal job of articulating ancient spiritual truths in common parlance using science as the funnel through which his ideas emerge. A shift in consciousness and perception (which is our birthright) is the foundation upon which our “reality” and this book, is based. Clear, concise yet not devoid of personality, this book causes one to rethink what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said “I am with you always.” I will read this material over and over again - from different states of mind - and enjoy it more than the time before. I would say that this work is not only important reading, but necessary for anyone who would like to replace dogma and constraint with something much more liberating and joyful.